Kahn Days 2006

The first Louis Kahn Days took place in Saaremaa in 2006 at the initiative of the Estonian Association of Architects. Many exciting events took place: a portrait of Kahn, which was painted by Louis Kahn’s daughter Alexandra, was exhibited in the Kuressaare Town Hall; there was an exhibition of Louis Kahn’s works in the Castle of Kuressaare; the film My Architect was shown for the first time, with the author, Louis Kahn’s son Nataniel Kahn, present; and an international conference was held in the Theatre of Kuressaare. In addition, Louis Kahn’s and his family’s birth documents were made public; they were found after a long search, in the National History Archives of Latvia, only a few months before.

These events were all held in just three days and the participants certainly got a decent ‘dose’ of Kahn. The conference was filmed, many photos were taken, and numerous articles were published by both the Estonian and American press about the precedings and Kahn’s importance in Estonia and in the world.

Photography Arne Maasik