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  1. Jaanika Peerna on 2021-06-10 at 19:21 Reply

    What a great comment Heie Marie Treier – Kahn’s work is not for photos. It has to be experienced.. and once you have had the photos might recall the feeling

  2. waris on 2021-06-10 at 19:18 Reply

    hi I’ve got some questions for you. I’ve once been to his work in Bangladesh. Had a chance to speak to one of Bangladeshi architect and he said most of architectures in modern Bangladesh were influenced by him. what do you think about that?

  3. Jaanika Peerna on 2021-06-10 at 19:18 Reply

    refresh your browser window – it worked for me

  4. Ott Rätsep on 2021-06-10 at 19:15 Reply

    Thank you so much for your answers, Mr Fjeld!

  5. Jaanika Peerna on 2021-06-10 at 19:00 Reply

    Please refresh your browser..if it freezes ..I did it and it worked

  6. Maria Q. on 2021-06-10 at 18:58 Reply

    I have another question to all participants, if you don’t mind.
    How big is Kahn’s influence in modern architecture in your opinion? Is his impact “perceptible” or even visible? Are there any locations you would like to point out?

  7. Linda on 2021-06-10 at 18:55 Reply

    I assume you know that the screen has been frozen for the past 10 minutes or so. Is it being recorded?

  8. Gina Pollara on 2021-06-10 at 18:53 Reply

    Is anyone else having trouble with the screen freezing?

  9. Urmo Raus on 2021-06-10 at 18:48 Reply

    Dear All, (to all participants)
    What is the most chracteristic to Kahn in your opinion? (If you could describe it in 2-3 key words.) Thank you.

  10. Ott Rätsep on 2021-06-10 at 18:39 Reply

    Dear Mr Fjeld,
    There was Helsinki Metropolitan Area Conference held in 1972. Kahn also spoke there, a day before Aalto. Do you happen to have any records about these speeches? Thank you!

  11. Ott Rätsep on 2021-06-10 at 18:33 Reply

    Dear Mr Fjeld,
    You mentioned in your book that Kahn visited open-air museums in Norway and Finland. Are there any notes about those visits, i.e what could have been the reason he chose to visit them? Thank you!

  12. Gina Pollara on 2021-06-10 at 18:07 Reply

    Why does the screen keep going in and out of focus?

  13. Amna on 2021-06-10 at 18:06 Reply


  14. Marie k rooney on 2021-06-10 at 18:00 Reply

    A good way to be informed and educated online.

  15. Embassy of Estonia on 2021-06-10 at 17:42 Reply

    Thank you for joining us today.
    Please leave your questions here. Thank you.

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